Nicholas Alvarran K9 Petey, 2023 - Present
Officer McCallon and K9 Timur, 2019-2022
Officer Hanley and K9 Rudy, 2016-present
Officer Long and K9 Bono, 2007-2011
Officer Dodt and K9 Roy, 2001-2004
Officer Latimer and K9 Bob, 1994-2001
Officer Signorio and K9 Axl, 1988-1994
Officer Wilson and K9 Alf, 1988-1990


K9’s have a rich history of working with law enforcement and military units dating back to the 1800’s. Police K9’s receive specific training to assist law enforcement in ways other tools cannot. It often takes a trained K9 team only minutes to check a building or large open area for suspects, where it might take hours and many officers to safely contain, locate and apprehend the wanted suspects.

The structure of a dog’s nose gives it a sense of smell that is 300,000-500,000 times stronger than the human nose, allowing them to follow a scent trail undetectable to humans, even breaking down specific scents. For example, humans can smell beef stew cooking, whereas a K9 smells individual ingredients like the onions, carrots, and thyme. Even when the K9 teams are not being used to search for suspects and narcotics, they are great to have as backup on a vehicle stop, pedestrian check or on any other call involving a person who may not want to cooperate with the police.

It is always amazing that when the K9 team arrives—the suspects tend to become very cooperative, and they seldom try to run or hide from the officers. The dogs and their handlers occasionally visit local schools and perform demonstrations for the public.

Thank You For Your Help

A special thanks to the community and K9 supporters who donated to K9 Timur. K9 Timur, the K9 vehicle, training and equipment needed for an additional K9 Team was funded completely by donations. K9 Timur is a male Belgian Malinois from Slovakia. K9 Timur and his partner Officer McCallon graduated Adlerhorst Int. K9 Handlers class #238 on 11/19. K9 Timur will be Uplands second K9 team.